Dew Point Calculator

By defining the material, size, fluid temperature, ambient temperature & humidity, calculate the surface temperature of the pipe, the dew point (temp. at which condensation forms).

Expansion Calculator

This expansion calculator will allow you to work out the potential expansion of all of our systems, together with the Branch leg / Expansion loop size that would be needed to cater for this expansion.

Valve Code Builder

Our Valve Code Generator will assist you in finding the right product code for the valve you require. The simple to use drop down menu allows you to generate a code by Operation, Valve type, Bodyseal and Size ends.

Pressure drop calculator

This calculator works out the pressure loss in valves.

All calculations are only given as a guide and this information should not be considered as replacing or superseding your duty of professional care with regard to suitability, design or specification. Glynwed Pipe Systems nor any other subsidiary of the Aliaxis Group accepts any legal responsibility for the content of these calculators.

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