Durapipe FLS - Flow Control Solutions

The Flowmeter range is based on the variable area principle. The flow rate is indicated by the position of the top of the float against the scale on the tube. In addition to the visual readout, flowmeters can be fitted with minimum and maximum limit switches (a magnetic floater must also be used).

Accuracy Class

4 according to VDE/VDI 3513 sheet 2 e.g. 1 % of end value + 3 % of indicated flow inaccuracy in l/hr resp. m³/hr. The flowmeters are inherently more accurate in the middle of the chosen range.

Float Material

Stainless steel or PVC

Maximum Pressure

Not to be exerted to pressures greater than 10 bar.


When measuring liquids, valves may be installed before or after the flow sensor. For gases, valves must always be mounted after it. Valves should always be opened slowly to prevent unnecessarily accelerating the float against the float rest.

Electrical Accessories

Insure that the float is the type with a built-in magnet before fitting electrical accessories. Otherwise, they cannot be actuated. The contact 024.86.06 has a closure with a lowering float (min. flow) or a closure with a rising float (max. flow). The contacts are adjustable over the complete range. For additional information, see the special data sheet.


The flow sensor must be mounted with the flow tube axis vertical, with the media flowing upwards. Insure there are no undue stresses acting upon it.

Pipe size reductions or enlargements before or after the flowmeter do not normally cause serious errors, it is preferable, however, to install the flow sensor in a straight length of pipe.

Important! The floater in the flowmeter reacts very sensitively to any change in flow rate, therefore any valve setting adjustment must be gradual and slow.

Durapipe FLS - Flow Control Solutions