Durapipe FLS - Flow Control Solutions

To help you choose the right system for your specific liquid / applications need, follow these recommended steps.

Step 1: Application Requirements

Defining the following will mean that you install the correct sensor, electrode and instrument for your particular application.

  • Measurement range
  • Installation requirements
  • Pipe size and material
  • Chemicals to be monitored
  • System specifications (such as temperature and pressure)
  • Fluid particulates
  • Viscosity of fluids

Step 2: Select Sensor/Electrode Technology

Based on the application requirements, choose an appropriate sensor or electrode. Then, determine your signal output requirements and match this to the right instrument.

Step 3: Choose Instrument

Choose a flow, batch, pH/ORP, or conductivity instrument from the full range of Durapipe FLS offering. Various adapters and mounting accessories are also available.

Step 4: Install your new Durapipe FLS product

You can now install your product in the knowledge that you have purchased the right product for the job.

If at any point in your decision making process your are unsure about the right product for your needs contact our technical department for guidance.

Durapipe FLS - Flow Control Solutions
Durapipe FLS - Flow Control Solutions