Durapipe FLS - Flow Control Solutions

As well as a complete range of fittings, Durapipe FLS products are characterized by quality, through from product development to accurate manufacturing and testing processes. Quality is the first step in providing superior products into the global market: all products in the range are manufactured under ISO 9001 and follow strict CE standards.

Durapipe FLS puts the R&D function at the forefront of the company, constantly finding new solutions for fluid measurement and control. FlowX3 instruments are developed and produced with the latest technology ensuring high, reliable and long-term performances.

To help provide an ever-widening range of solutions for fluid analysis and measurement, Durapipe FLS has recently introduced ChemX3: a new line of sensors, electrodes, instruments and accessories for electrochemical measurement.

All of the following Durapipe FLS products are based around either measuring the velocity of a liquid in a system by Insertion Technology or by using a visual Variable Area Flowmeter.

Installation of the insertion technology typically requires only a small hole in the pipe; the sensor is then fixed perpendicular to the hole and measures the velocity at a certain place in the pipe. Sensors’ dimensions are not pipe size specific and are independent from pipe cross section. The calculation to work out average velocity and flow volume is done in the instrument.

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Visual Flowmeters

ChemX3 - chemical monitoring equipment

Durapipe FLS - Flow Control Solutions
Durapipe FLS - Flow Control Solutions

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