Manual and Actuated Valves

Our diaphragm valve range is particularly suitable for regulation or on-off operations with dirty or abrasive fluids. Offering significantly increased flow rates, due to the optimised design of the valve body, the Dialock® valve is the most linear diaphragm valve available.

The valve is operated by use of a diaphragm rather than a ball, this makes the valve highly suited to applications that contain sediment or solids in suspension which can pass through the valve easily.

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Dialock® Diaphragm Valve

The Dialock® Valve is operated by the patented locking handwheel, which allows the valve to be adjusted and locked in over 300 positions.

  • Size range from ½" / d20mm up to 2½" / d75mm (SuperFLO ABS 2”/63mm only)
  • Built-in optical positioning indicator displaying the opening position of the valve
  • Self-Branding Tool: Optical transparent module that can be used for self-branding
  • EPDM, FPM or PTFE Diaphragm options available

Manual and Actuated Valves

VM Diaphragm Valve

Operated by an adjustable handwheel, accompanied with a rising spindle extension to indicate valve position.

  • Size Range: 3”/90mm – 4”/110mm
  • Rising spindle extension to indicate valve position
  • Ideal for Dirty or Abrasive Fluids
  • Lower chance of accumulation deposits and fluid contamination

Electric Actuation Options

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