Great success for our PLX Electrical Conduit Cable in Australia!

Great success for our PLX Electrical Conduit Cable in Australia!

The benefits of Durapipe PLX’s most recent innovation are being realised at forecourts worldwide, including a new service station in Australia, which has seen the new PLX Electrical Conduit successfully installed.

A site in Rosebud, Victoria required a reliable solution to carry electrical cables around the forecourt and turned to Shipman King, leading equipment suppliers to the service station industry. As a long-standing user of PLX for over 25 years, Shipman King utilised the newly launched PLX Electrical Conduit as the ideal solution for this project.

Electrical contractors, HAZPRO Electrical, have installed 1,600 metres of PLX Electrical Conduit to safely transfer electrical and data cables throughout the forecourt to power the dispensers, displays and transfer data to the retail area.

Shipman King specified PLX Electrical Conduit due it being a true external barrier pipe, offering a unique solution for protecting conveyed cables from potential fuel spillages and leaks within forecourt applications. Unlike existing options, which comprise an internal barrier, PLX conduit is specifically designed to prevent any fuel from entering the pipework from the external environment.

Designed with a unique double bonded five-layer construction, which comprises an internal black polyethylene (PE) host pipe, an impermeable aluminium barrier later, which stops the ingress of any contaminants that may be present in the ground, and an outer orange PE protection layer, along with two adhesive tie layers.

HAZPRO Electrical were particularly impressed with the rigid nature of the product, which helps aid installation when utilising pipe coils, ensuring that pipe runs have minimal movement once unrolled on site, when compared with alternative conduit options available.

Commenting on the project, Peter Saxon, Operations Manager at Shipman King, said: ”The PLX conduit was the ideal product for this project, it was the first time we have supplied it and we have had fantastic feedback from the installers, who have praised the rigidity of this pipe as it doesn’t roll back once unrolled. Coils could be unrolled, easily lay in straight lines and they all stayed in position, which is a major advantage and speeds up the installation process, as well as making it easier for the installer.”

“We have other customers now asking for this product and we are expecting to switch supply of all of our cable conduit to the PLX product.”

Available in size 32mm, in coiled lengths of 100m, PLX Electrical Conduit is approved to mechanical requirements of AS/NZS 61386.1 2015 by RINA Consulting.

For further information on PLX Electrical Conduit or any other products within the PLX portfolio please call: 01543 471680 or email:

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