The Perfect Preparation

The Perfect Preparation

Correct installation of fuel conveyance pipe is vital to prevent fuel leaks harming the public or the environment and it starts with correct preparation, as our Fuel Systems Product Manager explains.

It is important installers follow the correct guidelines for fitting fuel pipe systems, as poor installation practice can potentially lead to pipe being damaged during the cutting process.

When preparing PLX close fit pipework, it is crucial for installers to ensure that, when they are cutting back the outer pipe, the cutter does not continue to cut into the inner pipe, which could weaken the pipe wall, or even pierce the inner pipe. If this is not detected, it could potentially cause a fuel leak once the pipe has been installed and is operational.

Using a PLX pipe protection sleeve avoids any risk of cutting the inner pipe. It simply slides in between the two pipes and is secured within the central ribs that are extruded on the bore of the secondary pipe, to protect the inner pipe during cutting. Offering a safe and reliable solution to preparing PLX pipework, the protection sleeve prevents any damage occurring during this process and avoids any necessary subsequent repair or replacement costs.

The PLX protection sleeves are available in all PLX close fit pipe sizes; 32#40, 50#63, 63#75, 90#110, 110#125. Durapipe PLX is purpose-designed for the safe transfer of liquid fuels and their vapours and offers a range of both single wall and secondary contained pipe and fittings to fulfil the application needs of a range of fuel applications.

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