PLX Meets New APEA Guidelines

PLX Meets New APEA Guidelines

With safety on forecourts of paramount importance, the latest 4th Edition of the APEA Design, Construction, Modification, Maintenance and Decommissioning of Filling Stations (Blue Book) has updated its guidelines regarding underground pipework.

The book now states that all underground pipework for offset or remote fill applications ‘must be of secondary containment with appropriate leak prevention’. Our specialist fuel conveyance pipework system, PLX, boasts a comprehensive range of dual contained options, offering specifiers, contractors and end clients the reassurance that our product solutions meet the new guidelines.

Offering peace of mind, our dual contained PLX pipework system ensures hazardous and flammable fuels and fuel blends can be safely transported around a forecourt without fear of permeation into the atmosphere, protecting the environment and the public. As an enhanced safety measure, our dual contained fittings are also fitted with access points that can easily accommodate a leak detection system.

Our dual contained PLX pipework system includes Close Fit pipe in sizes 32mm#40mm – 110mm#125mm, Pipe in Pipe in sizes 160mm#225mm up to 250mm#315mm and a wide range of fittings, including transition fittings for termination and connection to alternative materials.

We are proud members of the APEA and will be showcasing a full range of our PLX pipework solutions at APEA Live next month, alongside our UK forecourt distribution partner Berry’s Technologies.

PLX is manufactured as a multilayer pipe utilising the superior mechanical characteristics of polyethylene as a base material, which enables the pipe to be permanently welded using electrofusion technology. PLX comprises a protective liner, which increases permeation resistance against many types of fuel blends ensuring there is no transfer of fuel through the pipe wall into the environment.

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