A New Way to Repair Pipe

A New Way to Repair Pipe

We are offering a new solution for temporarily repairing damaged pipe, with the introduction of a new silicone repair tape, offering an effective short-term repair alternative for plant and maintenance managers.

The new Durapipe SFT Tape is ideal as a short-term solution for sealing leaks in pipework, fittings, traps and hoses, until it is possible to shut down the process and carry out replacement work. Compatible with all plastic pipe materials, the tape can be applied under pressure and, by layering the tape at one layer per bar of pressure, a seal of up to 12 bar can be achieved, while the silicone composition of the tape ensures it is immediately waterproof and airtight.

Unlike alternative tapes available, which can damage or chemically attack pipes, due to the adhesive, our SFT Tape does not adhere to the pipe so leaves no adhesive residue on the pipe surface, ensuring the pipe will not suffer any damage.

Durapipe SFT Tape is resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, gasolines and hydrocarbons, while it can perform in temperatures from -54°C to +260°C, making it suitable for use in a vast array of industrial applications.

Commenting on the new product addition, our Industrial Brand Manager, Fraser Higgins, said: “We continually listen to our customers needs and, due to the costs of unscheduled process downtime, short-term repair fixes are increasingly being sought to provide a solution until the next scheduled maintenance downtime.

“However, with limitations to existing offerings, we wanted to be able to provide a solution that will not increase the damage of the pipe. As an effective seal for a range of pipe materials within industrial processes, we are confident our SFT Tape will be in high demand as a ‘go to’ product kept by many maintenance and plant managers to ensure they can quickly fix any leak that occurs within their pipe systems.”

The SFT Tape is recommended and suitable for use with all of our pipework systems, as alternative repair solutions could potentially damage pipework. Before any alternative repair tapes are used with our pipework systems, advice should be sought from our company chemist to ensure they are compatible.

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