Data centre relies on PLX

Data centre relies on PLX

Our specialist fuel conveyance pipework system, PLX, has been installed to replace a fuel line as part of the back-up power system at a Midlands data centre.

Ensuring that vital systems continue to run in the event of a power failure is crucial to the Wednesbury data centre, as any downtime could be potentially damaging to the data centre customer. Therefore, a reliable back-up power system is required to ensure that there is no interruption to the operation of the data centre should the mains power suffer from a failure.

The existing steel fuel pipework system that feeds the emergency generators had corroded and was experiencing leaks and so it needed to be replaced with a new pipework system. Specialist fuel systems contractor, Forecourt Installation Services, was tasked with installing an effective replacement for the steel pipe.

Forecourt Installation Services selected our PLX system as the most effective solution for the data centre, with 32mm#40mm secondary contained PLX installed for the feed and return line to transfer gasoil from the external bulk storage tank to the generator set.

Commenting on the project, Andrew West, Managing Director at Forecourt Installation Services said: “As previous users of Durapipe PLX, we recommended this system as the best solution for the data centre. While the smooth bore of PLX will ensure there is no corrosion in the system, the secondary contained option eliminates the risk of fuel leaking into the environment. “

PLX is manufactured as a multilayer pipe utilising the superior mechanical characteristics of polyethylene as a base material, which enables the pipe to be permanently welded using electrofusion technology. Providing exceptional resistance to rapid crack propagation and long term stress cracking, PLX comprises a protective liner, which increases permeation resistance against many types of fuel blends ensuring there is no permeation of fuel through the pipe wall into the environment.

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