Updated Air-Line Xtra Multiport Wall Brackets

Updated Air-Line Xtra Multiport Wall Brackets

We are replacing our existing range of Air-Line Xtra multiport wall brackets to offer specifiers, contractors and end users an improved option for connecting our specialist compressed air pipework system.

Our current bracket, which comprises a cast aluminium body with steel threads, is being replaced by an updated design that includes a reinforced polymide body and brass threads. Utilising the plastic material for the body offers a more lightweight product with excellent corrosion resistance.

The new multiport bracket will be available in two options to offer further flexibility to specifiers. The current size of ¾” male BSP inlet bracket with three x ½” outlets is being replaced by a ¾” female BSP inlet with three x ½” outlets in the new design, while a new addition of a ½” female BSP inlet bracket with two x ½” outlet ports is ideal for smaller installations.

Stock of our existing product is currently being run down and all new orders for our Air-Line Xtra multiport wall brackets will now be dispatched in the new version.

The new wall brackets are designed to be used with our range of Air-Line Xtra pipes and fittings, which are purpose-designed to transport compressed air for use in process and manufacturing applications. For further information on our Air-Line Xtra range, please click here.

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