BIM now available for Vulcathene

BIM now available for Vulcathene

We have extended our BIM portfolio, with our Vulcathene Mechanical Chemical Drainage system the latest of our product range to have BIM models available, offering further flexibility for specifiers and consultants when designing projects.

BIM components are available for the full Vulcathene range of pipes, fittings, traps and accessories and can now be downloaded from our website. Sitting alongside existing BIM models for our SuperFLO ABS and HTA ranges, the Vulcathene Mechanical BIM content has been created by bimStore, and all components are ready to use in real project environments.

Commenting on the new BIM content, our Building Services brand manager, Des Dolan, said: “Vulcathene is the market leading chemical drainage system and the most widely specified solution for education and research laboratories, so it is important we can provide specifiers with the tools they need to effectively design new laboratory projects.”

Vulcathene offers educational and research establishments the reassurance that it has a proven pedigree of over more than 60 years, in safely transporting a wide range of chemical waste concoctions from laboratories across the world.

Continuing to build our BIM offering, we are also working on providing BIM models for our Vulcathene Enfusion range, which will be available in the coming months.

Click here to view or download any of our Vulcathene Mechanical BIM objects.

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