Vulcathene at heart of biomedical research in Cambridge

Vulcathene at heart of biomedical research in Cambridge

Vulcathene is demonstrating why it is the market-leading chemical drainage system with its specification on more than £700m of biomedical research facilities in Cambridge.

As the largest centre for health science and medical research in Europe, Cambridge Biomedical Campus is home to some of the world’s leading lights of medical research. Attracting some of the biggest names in the field, there are currently several major new developments being constructed on the site.

Our Vulcathene chemical drainage is being installed within the new Astrazenca headquarters, Project Capella, a new biomedical research facility for the University of Cambridge, Project Bellatrix, a new biological support facility for the University of Cambridge and the new global headquarters for life sciences giant Abcam, to name just a few.

The new state-of-art facilities will be utilising the very latest technology to ensure they continue to remain at the cutting edge of medical research. As a result, it is crucial that high performance building materials and systems are utilised that match the same high quality standards, which is why Vulcathene was the number one choice for the chemical drainage requirements in all of the new laboratories.

With large numbers of laboratories within each of the new developments, a variety of complex experiments is likely to be undertaken simultaneously, often leading to unknown combinations of chemicals being created, making it imperative that the drainage system can safely transport any chemical concoctions.

Vulcathene offers educational and research establishments the reassurance that it has a proven pedigree over more than 60 years in dealing with all manner of chemical waste cocktails from laboratories across the world.

Available in sizes from 38mm – 152mm, Vulcathene is a purpose designed chemical drainage system available in two easy jointing methods; Mechanical for demountable joints and Enfusion for welded joints, offering complete flexibility for designers and installers of chemical waste systems.

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