A Change In Union

A Change In Union

We are updating the design of our brass composite union fittings to provide a more lightweight and easier to install option for installers and end users.

While the brass male / female threaded ends will remain the same to allow effective connection to a wide range of brass systems, the brass nut will be replaced with a plastic nut in the corresponding material.

A composite union allows an effective connection to be made from a plastic system to either a brass or stainless steel thread, which can be easily removed for maintenance without impacting on the rest of the system.

The new style composite unions will retain all of the current performance capabilities, which will see the high grade of DZR brass utilised to maintain safe water supplies, while benefitting from a maximum 16 bar pressure rating, dependent on material. Available for our SuperFLO ABS, PVC-U, PP and Corzan C-PVC pipework systems, the unions come in sizes from 16mm up to 63mm and ½” up to 2”.

The current product will continue to be available while stocks last, but will then be phased out to make way for the updated design. Therefore, we are advising customers that require the existing product to place orders now. For more detailed information on the timings of the phase out and when the new product will be supplied, please contact our technical support team.

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