Alternative valve connections

Alternative valve connections

Valves are central to any industrial project, but while they are often thought about purely in regards to the function that they need to perform; whether that is isolation, dosing or flow control, they are also frequently required to be connected into alternative pipework systems or directly to ancillary equipment.

As a result, we provide a range of alternative end connections for our innovative valve portfolio, offering flexibility to both system designers and end users. Our standard valve range is available with female socket end connections, suitable for solvent welding and socket fusion jointing in Polypropylene (PP), however we also provide a variety of alternative connection options to meet the demanding needs of industrial applications. Our market-leading ball valve, the VKD, for example, can be supplied with a choice of connections in a variety of materials including ABS, PVC-U, CPVC and PP.

Our industrial brand manager, Rich Pedley, outlines the different options that we can offer to allow effective connections to be made to new and existing pipework.

Spigot Connections Our SuperFLO ABS VKD Ball Valve can be supplied with PE100 Polyethylene Spigot End Connections, suitable for Butt Weld connections onto PE100 Polyethylene pipework. These ends are ideal for connecting the VKD into alternative systems in order to provide isolation requirements within a water process, as an alternative to metal isolation valves. Pipe spigot end connections are also available within PP, CPVC and PVC-U VKD Ball Valves.

Flanged Connections Available in a wide range of materials, including ABS, PVC-U, CPVC and PP, our flanged connections are available with the VKD ball valve and are supplied as fixed flanges for connection onto alternative pipework systems or existing tank connections. Additionally, either DIN or ANSI 150 drillings can be provided, for further flexibility due to the product’s unique rotation function. The flange can be released from the valve easily by utilising the valve nut, in order to allow the installer to line the flange in the correct position to correspond with existing bolt holes.

Threaded End Connections The VKD Ball Valve in PVC-U, CPVC and PP materials can also be supplied with female BSP threaded socket ends, for connection onto systems that have a present male threaded connection. This is the ideal solution for an end user, who needs to connect a plastic valve into a traditional metal pipework system.

Lugged Connections Our FK Butterfly Valve can be supplied with either DIN or ANSI Drillings offering an in line flanged connection into a pipework system for isolation requirements, in the larger pipework sizes (1 ½” up to 12”). Our FK Butterfly Valve can also be provided as a fully lugged option, which allows the valve to be used for end of line use without an additional stub flange or backing ring required. The FK butterfly valve can be lever operated or alternatively supplied with a hand wheel when space is at a premium.

Our extensive range of alternative valve end connections, spigot pipe ends, flanged connections and threaded socket ends can also be supplied with many of our other manual and actuated valves within our portfolio, including our Dialock Diaphragm Valve, TKD 3 Way Ball Valve and RV Sediment Strainer.

Our dedicated valves team can offer specialist advice on the most appropriate connection for specific applications, assemble and supply bespoke valve packages and deliver to site within 48 hours.

For further information on our full range of manual and actuated valves click here.

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