HTA takes care of Heatcare

HTA takes care of Heatcare

We are celebrating a successful five year partnership with specialist residential care sector contractor Heatcare, which has seen our HTA pipe system installed in an array of new care home developments across the country.

Heatcare, a specialist building services contractor providing design and installation packages to the nursing and care home construction industry, has selected us as its preferred hot and cold water pipework partner. When tasked with selecting a reliable pipework system, the contractor specifies our purpose-designed HTA system to cater for the hot and cold water services within a lot of the new care and retirement living construction projects it is involved with.

HTA is typically installed to transport water from the main storage tank in the plant room along the main risers and all corridor runs, before branching off to each individual room, where there is a conversion before the outlet. This piping configuration seems to work for the majority of care homes.

HTA is specifically selected as it speeds up the installation process. The simple solvent weld jointing technique does not require any specialist tooling or hot welding, saving significant time and costs on site. While the C-PVC plastic material eradicates the risk of metal theft, ensuring that there is no security risk, as there is no scrap value.

Expecting to handle all of the M&E services for up to 20 new care homes this year, it is important Heatcare has a reliable pipework partner it can trust. Commenting on the partnership, Stephen Arrowsmith, commercial director at Heatcare, said: “Our clients trust us to install high performing, reliable systems on time and within budget so it is crucial we select manufacturing and supply partners that we can rely on to provide effective solutions.

“Durapipe HTA ticks all the boxes for us, it meets all the performance criteria for the end client, while offering significant advantages to us as installers. It is quick and easy to install and negates the risk of theft from site, which is a major influencer for us as we don’t have to worry about when we can install it. We have been using HTA for more than five years now and are always impressed with not just the product itself, but the technical support we receive from the team at Durapipe.”

HTA is a C-PVC pipework system specially designed for domestic hot and cold water services. The product’s lightweight nature, combined with its quick and easy solvent weld jointing technique, offers significant installed cost savings, compared with copper alternatives. HTA’s limescale and corrosion resistant properties also ensure it maintains its performance over the lifetime of the system with minimal maintenance requirements.

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