Valves go silicone free

Valves go silicone free

Continuing to expand our valve offering, we are now providing a range of silicone-free valves, specifically developed for use in paint and ink applications in industrial markets.

While silicone-based lubricants can provide excellent lubricating properties and longevity, in certain painting and inking applications the presence of silicone could be detrimental. Silicone-based paints and inks can adhere to the silicone components in the valve causing contamination issues, which could result in surface defects and a poor quality finish.

To avoid the risk of such defects, some manufacturing facilities stipulate that only products and components guaranteed to be free from traces of silicone can be installed. To cater for this market, we are now offering our extensive valve range with silicone free components.

These valves are expertly cleaned within a bespoke clean room facility, conforming to ISO 14644-1 clean room standards, utilising a three stage chemical cleaning process, using ultraconic cleaning tanks, ensuring all valve components are free from any traces of silicone. The valve is then dried using a compressed air system and bagged within a dual skin silicone free package to prevent any contamination. In addition, a non-silicone lubricant is used for both our ball valves and butterfly valves to maintain efficient operation over the lifetime of the system.

Commenting on our new valve development, our industrial brand manager, Rich Pedley, said: “We are continually listening to the needs of our customers and silicone free valves is something we have been asked for from clients in certain industrial markets.

“It is important to us that we can offer a comprehensive valve offering that can cater for a diverse range of applications and meets the needs of customers across a wide variety of market sectors. We know there is a demand for these products and the introduction of this range allows us to offer more flexibility to specifiers, contractors and end clients.”

Our wide portfolio of valves can now be provided with silicone free components, including the innovative VKD Ball Valve, VKR Metering Ball Valve, TKD 3 Way Ball Valve, FK Butterfly Valve and Dialock Diaphraghm Valves, which are all available in a variety of materials including PVC-U, SuperFLO ABS, CPVC, PP and PVDF.

Offering unrivalled support, our dedicated valve department can quote, build, test and dispatch valves to site within 48 hours.

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