Continuing valve innovation

Continuing valve innovation

We are continuing to drive innovation within the valve market with the launch of a new dual action valve, offering more flexibility to contractors, consultants and end users.

The unique Durapipe LR Valve is set to revolutionise the valve market, as its bespoke design offers both pressure loading and pressure relief options within one valve body based on two different installation orientations.

The pressure loading function allows a back pressure to be built up within a pipe system of between 0 – 3 bar. This can help to control system pressure in the event of sudden pressure loss, such as that caused by an open valve or during system dosing.

The valve can also be installed in an alternative orientation by turning the valve 180 degrees, allowing the valve to act as a pressure relief valve. The directional installation labels visible on the valve body allow the user to easily identify the correct installation orientation for the required function.

The pressure relief function can be used for system protection and works by relieving system pressure once the flow of liquid exceeds the set pressure parameters. With the ability to be set to between 0 – 10 bar, the valve will dispense liquid until the pressure within the system is reduced either into a catchment area for disposal or into system recirculation.

Offering greater flexibility for the end user, the innovative LR Valve can be used as a single stock item for both loading and relief valve requirements, eliminating the need for dual valve stocking.

Commenting on the new product development, Rich Pedley, our industrial brand manager, said: “Our customers have identified a need to simplify the operation of pressure relief and loading operations within pipework systems and we have developed an innovative solution for end users and distribution.

“The new LR valve can be stocked and used as both a loading and relief valve, which can make this more efficient the end user for replacement and maintenance requirements. There is already a lot of excitement among the customers we have spoken to so we are expecting it to be in high demand.

Specifically designed to meet market demand, our new LR valve is available in both PVC-U and SuperFLO ABS materials in sizes ½” up to 2” and 16mm up to 63mm.

Offering unrivalled support, our dedicated valve department can quote, build, test and dispatch valves to site within 48 hours. please call our valve department on 01543 272424.

Please click here for further information on the new LR Valve.

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