Durapipe actuation goes wireless

Durapipe actuation goes wireless

We are excited to launch an innovative Bluetooth powered valve actuator, allowing users to operate actuated valves remotely using any compatible Bluetooth device.

Allowing users to have control at their fingertips, the new Bluetooth actuator is ideal for operating valves located in confined spaces, or at height, without personnel needing to be positioned in a control room. Aiding installation, the new actuator also eliminates the need to run cables from the actuator to a central PLC system, saving time and money on site.

Offering multiple operational benefits, the Bluetooth Actuator can be operated within a 10m range, even when the actuator is not visible, and allows multiple actuators to be controlled by a single device. Each actuator has a unique ID allowing the user to switch between several devices and, with a passkey required to connect to every valve, security is maintained.

The free to download mobile app records a range of operational data to assist with maintenance scheduling, with current information, such as the valve position, temperature readings and operation cycle counts, available to view at a glance.

Commenting on the new product, our industrial brand manager, Rich Pedley, said: “ We pride ourselves on already having the most innovative range of valves on the market but we are continually looking to introduce new products that offer unique solutions for customers. The Bluetooth actuator is just our latest development to assist plant operators and managers with implementing a more efficient approach to plant operation. “

Our new Bluetooth actuator is available for simple on / off isolation applications and can be fitted to a wide variety of our manual valves including VKD ball valves, VKR metering ball valves, TKD 3 way ball valves and FK butterfly valves. The new Bluetooth actuator can be retrofitted to our existing valves that are already installed on site.

Offering unrivalled support, our dedicated valve department can quote, build, test and dispatch valves to site within 48 hours.

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