PVC-U Pipe: Get it right

PVC-U Pipe: Get it right

PVC-U pipe is widely used in industrial services applications, particularly in the water treatment sector, but did you know we offer more than one option for PVC-U pipe?

Fully WRAS approved, our standard Optima PVC-U pipe is ideal for a variety of conventional applications across the process, manufacturing and chemical industries, offering a cost-effective solution for chemical resistant pipework requirements.

However, for water treatment applications, such as potable water distribution, DWI (Regulation 31) approved products must be installed to ensure safe conveyance of drinking water supplies. Our Premium PVC-U pipe (Durapipe Grey PVC-U Pipe NGS) is the only PVC-U pipe available that conforms to both WRAS and Regulation 31 ‘List of Approved Products published by the DWI’.

While there are cost savings to be made on standard PVC-U applications, there are also heavy consequences for installing unapproved products for certain applications so it is crucial the most appropriate PVC-U pipe is being specified and installed for each individual project. Be sure to select the correct PVC-U pipe system.

For further information, contact our team for advice on whether our Optima or Premium PVC-U pipe system is the most appropriate for your needs.

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