New HTA flexible hoses are launched

New HTA flexible hoses are launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of stainless steel flexible braided hoses as part of the HTA hot & cold water pipe system.

The new product range is manufactured from silicone rubber material, offering greater resistance to the most aggressive disinfection treatments recommended to combat legionella & pseudomonas and is in addition to the existing braided hoses made from EPDM.

Available in sizes 16mm – 40mm, the HTA silicone flexible hoses have been developed with distinctive red and blue coloured stainless steel braids to easily identify them as HTA silicone hoses and differentiate them from standard EPDM products. The product range is also approved by WRAS for contact with drinking water, reassuring specifiers, contractors and end clients that a high performing, approved product is being installed.

Flexible hoses are widely used within domestic hot & cold water networks to connect sanitary appliances, compensate for expansion movements and deal with changes in direction so it is important these products are continually developed to meet the needs of todays building services market.

Commenting on the launch, Durapipe’s building services brand manager, Des Dolan, said: “Standard EDPM hoses have been widely used for a number of years and, under ideal working conditions, they are good enough for hot and cold water networks. However, with an increased focus in combating legionella and stricter legislation coming into force on monitoring water networks to maintain water quality, more specially developed products are needed to cater for these specific requirements.

“The new HTA silicone hoses not only help prevent growth of bacteria, but also demonstrate a strong resistance to the disinfection treatments that are used to help combat legionella and retain high water quality levels.”

Durapipe HTA is a C-PVC pipework system specially designed for domestic hot and cold water services. The product’s lightweight nature, combined with its quick and easy solvent weld jointing technique, offers significant installed cost savings compared with copper alternatives. HTA’s limescale and corrosion resistant properties also ensure it maintains its performance over the lifetime of the system with minimal maintenance requirements.

For further information on Durapipe HTA or any other products within the Durapipe UK building services portfolio please call 01543 279909 or log onto

A leading manufacturer of plastic pipework solutions, Durapipe UK has seen its systems successfully installed for building services and industrial applications in projects worldwide for 60 years.

Durapipe UK is a proud member of the British Plastics Federation (BPF) Plastic Pipes Group (PPG), the leading trade association representing manufacturers and material suppliers of plastic piping systems in the UK.

PPG Member companies have a responsibility to the industry to ensure products manufactured meet the needs of the application they are intended for, in addition PPG members fully support compliance with standards so installers and end users can assume BPF membership is a sign of quality assurance and compliance with these standards.

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