Sustainability integral to pipework specifications

Sustainability integral to pipework specifications

Our latest research with building services contractors and consultants has revealed that sustainability has now become integral to every construction project in the UK.

More than three quarters (77%) of building services contractors and consultants confirmed the importance that is put on sustainability within today’s building projects.

Reducing carbon emissions, saving energy and recycling materials are major priorities for all businesses and the construction industry is no different. Each company within the supply chain of any new build project needs to demonstrate clear sustainable credentials for its products and pipework is no exception.

This is evident from our latest research, in which almost a quarter (22%) of respondents revealed they only ever select systems that demonstrate clear sustainable credentials. Those that do not set good environmental practices as a mandatory requirement still consider it a high priority, with more than half of those questioned (55%) acknowledging the growing importance of the issue, although not always essential for every project.

It seems that sustainability is always on the radar as 20% confirmed it is always a consideration, alongside other criteria. Just 3% of respondents rarely consider sustainability when selecting pipework products, a clear indication of the huge part it plays in today’s building projects.

Plastic pipework systems offer strong sustainability credentials throughout all stages of their lifespan, requiring significantly less energy to manufacture, transport and install, compared with metal alternatives. Once in operation, plastic systems also require much less energy to pump fluids through a pipe network, providing further energy and cost savings throughout the lifetime of the system.

Commenting on the new research, our building services brand manager, Des Dolan, said: “The building landscape has changed beyond recognition over recent years with sustainability now at the forefront of new building design, particularly following the introduction of energy efficient standards such as Passivhaus.

“While sustainable design was previously limited to external features, as contractors and developers all strive to demonstrate they are constructing the most sustainable buildings, all elements of a building structure are coming under scrutiny. It is clearly evident from our research that even M&E services, such as pipework, now need to offer sustainable properties and if manufacturers cannot clearly demonstrate these properties they will begin missing out on key projects.”

We questioned more than 500 building services contractors and consultants to find out what the current priorities are when specifying building products for building services applications.

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