Durapipe HTA provides sound education

Durapipe HTA provides sound education

With metal thefts a threat to the construction of a new primary school in inner city Leeds, Durpaipe HTA was specified as a secure alternative to copper for the water services pipe network.

Part of the Co-operative Primary Academy of Leeds, Nightingale Primary Academy is a new, purpose-built primary school constructed in the Harehills area of Leeds, which was in desperate need of a new primary school.

With many building sites still suffering from metal thefts, heating contractor Hydro Building Services did not want to use copper pipework for the hot and cold water services due to concerns of it becoming a target for theft. As a result, the contractor needed to look for an alternative solution and turned to Durapipe HTA.

The domestic hot and cold water services are mains fed and so Durapipe HTA, in sizes up to 63mm, was installed to transport water from the main storage tank in the plant room and distribute it to each of the classrooms and all communal areas.

Scheduled to open for the start of the new term, there was a strict timeframe for the project and delays simply could not be afforded and so Durapipe HTA offered the added benefit of reducing the installation time, compared with copper and other traditional pipework materials.

Commenting on the specification, Simon Gibbins from Hydro Building Services said: “This was a vulnerable site due to its location, so we didn’t want to use copper as it could have attracted thieves. Durapipe HTA was an ideal alternative and was quick and simple to fit, aiding the installation process, which was a huge benefit on such a time critical project.”

Manufactured from C-PVC, Durapipe HTA is a high performing alternative to copper for domestic hot and cold water services. Its lightweight properties, combined with its easy solvent weld jointing technique, mean it is quicker and easy to install, significantly reducing installation time and costs. Corrosion and limescale resistant, the system retains a smooth bore, ensuring optimum flow rates remain throughout the life of the system.

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