Industrial portfolio is expanded with launch of clear PVC-U pipe

Industrial portfolio is expanded with launch of clear PVC-U pipe

We are delighted to announce the introduction of a clear PVC-U solution to our Guardian and PVC-U ranges, offering further flexibility to end users.

The Guardian dual contained system, will now be available with a standard (grey) PVC-U inner pipe and a clear PVC-U outer pipe to offer visual leak detection. Being able to quickly and easily identify any leak points without cutting into the pipe will save significant time and costs, as well as reducing downtime while the system is repaired.

A clear PVC-U pipe is also being added to the Durapipe PVC-U range to provide a solution when visual monitoring of processes is crucial. The ability to conduct a visual check to confirm the correct substance is flowing through a system or the right chemical is being dosed into a process can reduce the need for costly monitoring equipment.

A clear pipe also offers the added benefit of ensuring that a continuous flow can be easily observed so that any blockages or break in flow can be quickly identified and addressed with minimal disruption. Clear Guardian is available in sizes from ½”#2” up to 4”#8”, while Durapipe clear PVC-U will be offered in sizes ½” up to 8”. Both of the new pipework systems are compatible with the existing fittings in the ranges.

Commenting on the range expansion, our Product Marketing Manager, James Roper, said: “Feedback from our customers identified a market need for a clear PVC-U option and so we wanted to provide an effective solution for both our single wall and dual contained systems. “The addition of clear PVC-U pipe offers end users the reassurance that any issues occurring in the pipework system can be identified and resolved quickly and easily with minimal disruption to the operation of their facility.”

Durapipe Guardian is a specially designed dual contained pipework system to safely convey a variety of fluids for applications when any leak could be potentially hazardous. A unique system, Guardian incorporates a patented Centra-Lok™ system, which provides a solid fixed fitting, offering a true point of difference from other dual contained systems on the market.

Durapipe PVC-U pipe and fittings allow the safe transportation of many acids, alkalis and chemical concentrates without fear of corrosion and environmental pollution. In addition to its performance characteristics, PVC-U benefits from being lightweight and easy to install, significantly reducing labour time and costs.

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