Durapipe helps to protect a piece of history

Durapipe helps to protect a piece of history

We are delighted to report that we have been working with Oxford University’s Pitt Rivers Museum to help protect its collection of delicate mats from becoming damaged by providing pipe as a unique storage solution.

The Pitt Rivers Museum houses one of the world’s finest collections of anthropology and archaeology from around the globe. Part of Oxford University, the Museum is a focus, both for academic research projects, and for detailed investigations carried out in preparation for new displays and exhibitions.

Among its artifacts, the Museum has a collection of more than 250 mats from around the world, some of which are more than 100 years old. The Museum’s current storage space is limited so some of the mats have been folded, leaving deep creases which damage the items, others mats are rolled on themselves, again accelerating decay.

We donated a range of our polypropylene pipe to allow the mats to be rolled around the pipe to protect them from becoming damaged, while the pipes can be labeled for easy identification. This innovative storage solution will preserve the mats’ condition, and also enable them to be accessed more easily by researchers across the world who visit the Museum.

Commenting on Durapipe’s donation, Jeremy Uden, Deputy Head of Conservation at Pitt Rivers Museum said: “We have some mats that are hundreds of years old and very delicate, which have become damaged from inappropriate storage. These items are vital to a number of research projects so it is important that we protect them as far as possible to enable this work to continue.

“We are extremely grateful to Durapipe for its generosity. With its help we will now be able to maintain the condition of these mats so that visitors can enjoy them as part of future displays and exhibitions, while researchers can undertake detailed investigations.”

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