Vulcathene helps leave legacy in Hull

Vulcathene helps leave legacy in Hull

Vulcathene is proud to have been involved in the major Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme in Hull, which has transformed education across the city, providing 12,000 pupils with first-class facilities.

In the largest regeneration project the city has ever seen, the major £400m investment was a six year programme to provide 21 new or significantly refurbished schools across Hull by 2014. Built in 1932, Malet Lambert School in East Hull has undergone a £22m development under the scheme, which involved an extensive new-build project, as well as significant remodeling and refurbishment of the existing school.

As part of the upgrade, The Dearing Centre, which houses the school’s science department, has undergone a major internal refurbishment to modernise the nine science laboratories and two prep rooms. Local mechanical and electrical contractors, KP Barkers, was tasked with completing all mechanical works including carrying out alterations to the water feeds and gas lines, as well as installing a new chemical drainage system.

When specifying a pipework system for the chemical drainage requirements, there was only one product KP Barkers considered and selected Vulcathene due to it being the market-leading product for chemical drainage applications. The Vulcathene mechanical system was installed, in sizes up to 51mm, to convey chemical waste from the sinks in each of the science laboratories to the main disposal tank.

Speed of installation was also a factor, as the work needed to be carried out during the school holidays. As previous users of Vulcathene, KP Barkers is competent in the installation of the mechanical system and so that was the preferred option to keep labour time to a minimum.

Commenting on the project, Andy Shepherd from KP Barkers said: “You simply can’t take risks when it comes to schools and so, as the leading name in the market, Vulcathene really was the only option for this project. We have used the mechanical jointed Vulcathene system previously and so are very familiar with it, which saved us valuable time on the project and helped ensure it was completed on time.”

Safety is the number one priority within educational facilities and because experiments in science laboratories often lead to unknown combinations of chemicals being created, it is imperative that the drainage system can safely transport any chemical concoctions. Vulcathene offers educational establishments the reassurance that it has a proven pedigree over many decades in dealing with all manner of chemical waste cocktails from laboratories across the world.

Available in sizes from 38mm – 152mm, Vulcathene is a purpose designed chemical drainage system available in two easy jointing methods; Mechanical for demountable joints and Enfusion for welded joints, offering complete flexibility for designers and installers of chemical waste systems.

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