Durapipe delivers winning display

Durapipe delivers winning display

A dosing systems manufacturer has utilised flow measurement solutions from Durapipe in a project to upgrade a customer’s flow monitoring system.

TPU Services designs, manufactures and maintains dosing systems, with each system produced specifically for the individual client, based on its particular application and requirements.

Looking to replace an existing rotameter within a client’s dosing system, TPU Services required a flow monitoring product that could measure flow and transmit an analog signal to the control room, while a display for the actual flow was also desired. It is crucial that a precise amount of chemical is dosed into the system and therefore a reliable and accurate measurement device was required.

As a result, Durapipe’s FLS Paddlewheel flow sensor was installed, providing the ability to measure flow from 0.15 m/s and producing a frequency output signal highly repeatable. The sensor was then connected to a FLOWX3 transmitter and monitor to convert the signal from the sensor into a display indication in order for the output signal to be sent to the solenoid control valve that doses the chemical.

In addition to providing a display to act as a visual check for the flow level, the FLS Paddlewheel flow sensor also offers an enhanced grip on the chemical, meaning the client will benefit from less waste and consequently significant cost savings.

The new and improved Durapipe FLS range offers a wide range of added features and benefits comprising of a 4” graphic display screen complete with a multicolor backlight designed to provide accurate reading of measurements even in the most difficult of lighting conditions. The FLS range also benefits from a color-coded alarm system providing a full screen status alert from normal working conditions through severe changes in flow. The user can also benefit from the built in help on board system which offers an easy to follow walkthrough providing ease of installation and valuable collaboration assistance

Durapipe offers a wide range of flow metering and monitoring solutions ranging from basic variable area flow meters through to the more complex digital paddlewheel and electromagnetic flow sensors.

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