Vulcathene the safe option for Winsford Academy

Vulcathene the safe option for Winsford Academy

Vulcathene chemical drainage pipework has been installed as part of a major £20m project to construct a new state-of-the-art educational academy in Cheshire.

Completed in September 2013, Winsford Academy has been designed around the concept of ‘community’ with the central corridor acting as a ‘street’ with glass-fronted classrooms on either side. Able to accommodate 1,700 pupils, the new learning environment will also benefit the wider local community as it features a 350-seat theatre, learning resource centre, art studios and technology workshops.

As part of the build, a reliable pipework system was needed to cater for the chemical drainage requirements in the science block and Proline Mechanical Engineers was tasked with installing an effective system and turned to Vulcathene.

Vulcathene mechanical pipework in sizes up to 102mm was installed within all 11 science laboratories at the academy to dispose of the chemical waste produced. In addition, more than 100 Vulcathene Anti-Siphon Traps were installed to ensure there is no backflow of potentially hazardous fumes, protecting the safety of students and teachers.

The market leading pipework system was chosen for its proven track record in chemical drainage, as it is the only product that has passed the test of time in terms of safely conveying chemical waste.

Commenting on the project, Fraser Lunt at Proline said: “There was a large volume of chemical drainage pipework needed for this project and so it was imperative we installed an effective system that we knew would provide exceptional performance for the client. Vulcathene is the market leading product and has a proven track record for chemical drainage applications so was the only option considered for the job.”

Safety has to be the number one priority within educational spaces because experiments in science laboratories often lead to unknown combinations of chemicals being created, it is therefore imperative that the drainage system can safely transport any chemical concoctions. Vulcathene can offer educational establishments the reassurance that it has a proven pedigree over many decades in dealing with all manner of chemical waste cocktails from laboratories across the world.

Available in sizes from 38mm – 152mm, Vulcathene is a purpose designed chemical drainage system available in two easy jointing methods; Mechanical for demountable joints and Enfusion for welded joints, offering complete flexibility for designers and installers of chemical waste systems.

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