Vulcathene produces A* results for Wimbledon High School

Vulcathene produces A* results for Wimbledon High School

Vulcathene chemical drainage pipework has been supplied for three science laboratories as part of a refurbishment project at Wimbledon High School, South West London.

The project consisted of refurbishing two of the school’s original laboratories and constructing an additional, new build, laboratory. For the chemical drainage requirements within the buildings, all three were installed with Vulcathene chemical drainage pipework.

Vulcathene is available in sizes from 38mm – 152mm and is renowned for its proven track record for chemical drainage. Each sink in the new and refurbished laboratories was connected with the chemical drainage pipework system, which transports all the waste to the existing soil stack in the school.

Plumbing and Heating specialists, Dickens & Wedge carried out the refurbishments and needed to ensure a reliable system was installed. Safety is a number one priority for Wimbledon High School. Experiments in science laboratories often lead to unknown combinations of chemicals being created, so it was therefore imperative that the drainage system selected could safely transport any chemical concoctions.

Vulcathene was the ideal solution as it offers educational establishments the reassurance that it has a proven pedigree over many decades in dealing with all manner of chemical waste cocktails from laboratories across the world. Commenting on the project, Daniel Wedge, managing director at Dickens & Wedge said: “Vulcathene is the number one choice when dealing with chemical drainage. The product is proven to be reliable and safe, which is why we always turn to Durapipe UK for projects like this.”

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