Air-line Xtra keeps air clean at factory

Air-line Xtra keeps air clean at factory

Our specialist compressed air distribution pipework system, Air-Line Xtra has been supplied for an expansion project at Glendon Products.

Northampton based Glendon Products specialises in designing and manufacturing heated and refrigerated equipment for the food service industry. Due to the rapid growth of the company, the factory needed to relocate to larger premises so the company has completed the construction of a new manufacturing facility to increase productivity.

Air-Line Xtra was specified to convey compressed air from the ring main system to the pneumatic machinery within the new factory. Specified for its cost effectiveness and ease of installation, Air-Line Xtra was an obvious choice for this particular project.

Maintaining clean, uncontaminated air is crucial to the successful operation of the factory, as a machine failure due to dirty air could prove costly for Glendon Products in unexpected downtime. Durapipe Air-Line Xtra provided the ideal product for this job as the smooth internal bore of the product prevents scale build up to ensure the air is kept clean and uncontaminated for the lifetime of the product.

Brian Leach, director of Glendon Products comments: “We specified Air-Line Xtra due to the ease of installation it provides and because we didn’t need to employ a specialist contractor, it not only offered a cost effective option but also flexibility for future expansions.

“Most importantly, Air-Line Xtra ensures that the compressed air is kept clean and uncontaminated which is paramount for Glendon Products.” Durapipe Air-Line Xtra is a purpose designed pipework system for the distribution of air that can operate up to a pressure of 12.5 bar. A lightweight and non-corrodible system with a protective layer on the inside of the pipe, Durapipe Air-Line Xtra is the ideal solution for ensuring that air is kept clean an uncontaminated until use.

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