Durapipe cures pipework needs at hospital

Durapipe cures pipework needs at hospital

The major £430m development to construct a new super hospital in Bristol has utilised a vast array of our pipework throughout the new hospital buildings.

Southmead Hospital is undergoing expansive redevelopment to offer an 800 bed state-of-the-art acute hospital providing world-class healthcare services to patients, which will see it become one of Europe’s leading hospitals when it is complete in Spring 2014.

As part of the project, M&M Medical was tasked with sourcing a pipework system that would work with the vacuum system being installed in the operating theatres within the hospital. Copper is the traditional material for vacuum systems, but M&M Medical was looking for a more cost-effective alternative and turned to Durapipe UK.

Durapipe PVC-U pipework in 160mm has been specified for the vacuum system ring main, linking the vacuum plant to the eight 2,000 litre vacuum receivers. There should be no waste travelling through the pipelines as this should all be captured at source, but there is a possibility that unknown substances can enter the pipelines. These would then be collected by the bio filters fitted to the vacuum plant.

As a result, a chemical resistant pipework solution was required to ensure that it could safely convey any material that unexpectedly flows through the pipework. Durapipe PVC-U allows the safe conveyance of many acids, alkalis and chemical concentrates making it the ideal pipework system for this application.

Henry Hicks, project manager at M&M Medical comments: “We were keen to use Durapipe PVC-U for this application due to its high performance and chemical resistance capabilities.

“Although metal alternatives have been used traditionally, we knew that plastic would be quicker and easier to install saving us time and money and offering a more cost-effective solution over the lifetime of the system.”

The lightweight nature of Durapipe PVC-U makes it much quicker and easier to install, compared with alternative products, offering significant time and cost savings during the installation stage. Fully WRAS approved, the system is limescale and corrosion resistant.

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