Durapipe raises a glass to SPL International

Durapipe raises a glass to SPL International

SPL International, a leading ingredients supplier serving the alcoholic drinks industry, has turned to Durapipe UK to provide pipework solutions for its latest factory refurbishment.

SPL’s two UK production facilities in Cheshire currently produce in excess of 3,000 tons of products per year, but the manufacturer has undergone an extension at its site to increase its manufacturing capability. The new, updated facility will include state-of-the-art drying technologies, a wide variety of dry blending operations, a liquid manufacturing plant and extensive packaging operations.

As part of the extension project, SPL required a new pipework system to circulate water around the factory. As a result, mechanical engineers Atherton and Partners specified Durapipe HTA in sizes up to 90mm for the boosted hot and cold water systems.

The pipework transfers water from the main water storage tanks and distributes it around the facility for use in a variety of manufacturing and washing processes. The pipework was installed in the ceiling voids and then drops down to serve a variety of machinery and washing bays on the factory floor.

As the pipework is visible, it was important to select an aesthetically pleasing solution, while the installation at height required a product that was easy to handle on site. Durapipe HTA provided the ideal solution to SPL’s requirements; at approximately one sixth the weight of steel, the lightweight pipework was easier to handle on site, compared to metal alternatives, significantly reducing labour time and costs.

As the water is being used in the manufacturing processes, it was also important that it does not become contaminated, so the excellent corrosion and limescale resistant properties of Durapipe HTA were another deciding factor in the specification.

Commenting on the project, Andy Booth from Atherton and Partners said: “In addition to the performance capabilities, SPL was keen for an aesthetically pleasing product to be used as the pipework is visible within the factory. Durapipe HTA was ideal as it met both the performance and aesthetic requirements for the project.”

“Durapipe HTA was also quick and easy for us to install so it saved significant labour time and costs and we have since specified it on several other projects.”

Durapipe HTA offers excellent corrosion and limescale resistant properties, increasing the lifespan of the pipework and avoiding costly maintenance and replacement work. Its lightweight nature, combined with its quick and simple cold weld jointing technique, which eliminates the need for hot works or skilled welders, further reduces the installation cost and time of projects.

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