Allerton train depot fuelled by Durapipe PLX

Allerton train depot fuelled by Durapipe PLX

The major £13.4m redevelopment of Allerton Train Maintenance Depot has utilised our specialist fuel conveyance pipework system, PLX to cater for the complex fuel pipework requirements of the project.

The derelict depot has undergone a complete overhaul to transform it into a modern rolling stock train maintenance facility. The new depot now services Northern Rail’s fleet of Class 156 diesel multiple units along with Class 150s and Class 142s.

Engineering firm Garrandale was tasked with several elements of the refurbishment including the fuel supply and management. The team was required to provide a system for transferring three different types of fuel and turned to Durapipe UK to cater for the pipework requirements.

A reliable pipework system was required to safely transport engine oil, hydraulic oil and engine coolant from the external fuel farm to 10 dispensing pumps around the depot. Garrandale installed three new 10,000 litre fuel storage tanks within the fuel farm, one for each fuel variant, and then specified secondary contained Durapipe PLX to carry the fuel from its storage tank to the depot. A waste oil collection tank was also installed and Durapipe PLX takes surplus fuel waste from the trains to the collection tank before transferring it back into the main storage tank.

Durapipe PLX offered the ideal solution for Garrandale as its pipe-in-pipe construction ensures there is no risk of leakage into the atmosphere. Furthermore, its lightweight nature makes it easier to handle on-site compared with traditional materials, and coupled with its quick and simple electrofusion jointing system, it offered Garrandale significant labour time and cost savings during the installation process.

Commenting on the project, David Bowmar from Garrandale said: “There was a lot involved with this project and so we needed a system that could safely transport a variety of fuel types without risk to the environment or public. Durapipe provided just that with its PLX system and specifically the pipe-in-pipe aspect of the pipework, was the deciding factor for us.

“The team at Durapipe UK was exceptional and we received excellent support from the initial enquiry right through the process until after the product was installed. The technical support team also came onto site to provide training for the team, which was a huge advantage for us, saving us valuable time that otherwise would have been spent off-site.”

The Durapipe PLX portfolio offers complete flexibility as it is available in both Close-Fit and Pipe-In-Pipe secondary contained pipework systems in sizes 32mm - 315mm. A high performing pipework system for fuel transportation that provides increased resistance to all types of fuel blends, ensuring there is no permeation of fuel through to the atmosphere. Furthermore, its robust Polyethylene material provides exceptional resistance to rapid crack propagation and long term stress cracking.

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