Durapipe makes a good brew in Hampshire

Durapipe makes a good brew in Hampshire

Durapipe ABS pipework has been specified within a new brewery, as part of a relocation and expansion project at its site in Andwell, Hampshire.

Andwell Brewery has relocated its brewery to a new home on the banks of the River Lyde. Converting the existing premises of an old processing plant, the brewery now boasts a new bespoke four-vessel Bavarian Brewery Technology brewing plant.

As part of the conversion, Andwell Brewery needed a reliable pipework system that could work with the new equipment being installed and so turned to Durapipe UK. As a result, Durapipe ABS in sizes 25mm – 50mm has been installed for the glycol feed lines within the plant.

Durapipe ABS transports glycol from the main holding tank to the glycol jackets for each of the four fermenting vessels. The temperature of the fermentation vessels is controlled using the glycol jackets, which are used to ensure that the fermenting wort is kept at the optimum temperatures to enable the yeast to convert the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

It is important that the glycol solution does not become contaminated as this could have detrimental effects to the brewing process, so the lime-scale and corrosion resistant properties of Durapipe ABS made it the ideal solution for the brewery.

Its ease of installation was also a deciding factor for the brewery, as Adam Komrower from the brewery explains: “We were looking for a pipework system that would be quick and easy for us to install and Durapipe ABS proved to be just that. It’s simple jointing technique and lightweight nature meant that the labour time and cost was significantly less than if we had used metal alternatives so this was a major influencer for us.”

Durapipe ABS offers installers and end users a variety of benefits; its corrosion free properties and wide temperature capabilities make it the ideal system to carry a variety of low temperature fluids. The lightweight material and ease of jointing of Durapipe ABS also makes it a quick and easy solution to install, offering significant installation cost savings.

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