Durapipe PLX lights up Manchester Airport

Durapipe PLX lights up Manchester Airport

Durapipe PLX, our specialist fuel conveyance pipework system, has been specified as part of the major £20m project to upgrade Runway 1 at Manchester Airport.

Needing to replace infrastructure that was approaching the end of its natural life, the refurbishment has seen the runway surface replaced in a new material that provides better drainage and friction values, a unique new lighting system installed and a new substation constructed.

The substation houses two new 500K Va generators to power the new lighting technology, which is the first low energy LED lighting to be used on a UK runway. In a unique set up, the fuel powered generators are the primary power source, with the mains power providing the back-up system for the lighting.

As a result, a reliable pipework system was required to safely and efficiently supply fuel to the generators and contractors Central Power Services specified Durapipe PLX in sizes 32mm#40mm as the ideal solution. The specialist pipework system transfers fuel from a 20,000 litre external fuel tank to an internal 5,000 litre tank, which in-turn feeds the two generators.

Durapipe PLX’s proven track record of providing reliable fuel conveyance solutions was key in the decision making process. An efficient fuel supply, at a constant flow rate is vital to ensure the efficient operation of the runway’s lighting system and Durapipe PLX’s resistance to corrosion made it the ideal solution, compared with metal alternatives, which can be susceptible to fuel clogging.

Reliability was of paramount importance to the airport, as Simon Hall from Central Power Services comments: “If the runway lighting failed for any reason, the consequences could be disastrous, so it was important that we installed a pipework system that we were confident would perform.

“The integrity of Durapipe PLX was the reason we specified the product, but its quick and easy installation was a big advantage. All of the construction work on the Runway 1 project was undertaken at night to ensure minimum disruption so we needed to work with products that were going to be as quick and simple to install as possible.”

The PLX system is a specialist pipework solution that is designed to cater for a variety of fuel blends, and is manufactured in a robust polyethylene material that provides excellent resistance to long term stress cracking. Additionally, its impressive durability gives it a design life of 30 years – making it ideal for use in emergency power applications, where it is imperative to install a system that does not have to be regularly maintained or replaced.

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