Durapipe PLX fuels new HSBC data centre

Durapipe PLX fuels new HSBC data centre

Our specialist fuel pipework system, Durapipe PLX, has been installed within the construction of a new £150m data centre facility for HSBC in Normanton, Yorkshire.

The data centre, which will become the largest of its kind for HSBC, required a superior fuel system to provide fuel oil to the back-up power generators in the case of an emergency. Electrical & Mechanical engineering contractors ASEE Ltd was tasked with supplying and fitting the data centre with a pipework system that would effectively transport fuel to the back up generators in order keep the data centre processes active should a power failure occur.

The pipework was to be installed underground and so ASEE Ltd needed a system that would ensure fuel did not leak out into the ground, causing damage to the environment. As a result, PLX in sizes 50mm#63mm – 90#160mm was installed to safely transport fuel oil from the 30,000L holding tank to the eight bulk tanks which in turn would supply the day tanks, which feed the generators should there be a power failure.

The PLX secondary contained systems are specialist pipework solutions designed to convey a variety of fuel blends, and are manufactured in a robust polyethylene material that provides excellent resistance to long term stress cracking. Additionally, the product’s impressive durability gives it a design life of 30 years – making these systems ideal for use in emergency power applications, where it is imperative to install a system that does not have to be regularly maintained or replaced.

Commenting on the installation, Stuart Davies from ASEE Ltd said: “The product material characteristics, and specifically the pipe-in-pipe aspect of the pipework as it could be monitored with a leak detection system above ground, was the deciding factor for us, as we needed to be confident we would not be accountable for fuel leaking out into the ground.”

“The added cost savings that were possible through using Durapipe PLX was also a major factor for us; the long term durability of the product made it a very cost effective solution for this project.”

The Durapipe PLX portfolio offers complete flexibility as it is available in both Close-Fit and Pipe-In-Pipe secondary contained pipework systems in sizes 32mm - 315mm. With an easy to use electrofusion jointing system, Durapipe PLX also has a wide range of fittings and transition fittings to suit these systems.

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