Bethnal Green Town Hall gets a 5-star makeover

Bethnal Green Town Hall gets a 5-star makeover

Plastic pipework is being used to provide a legendary building with a glamorous facelift - as the Bethnal Green Old Town Hall begins its transformation into a five star hotel and set of ‘aparthotels’.

Built in 1826 and having been previously used as a Town Hall for Tower Hamlets as well as a set location for the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, the Old Town Hall holds a great deal of varied heritage.

Work on the building’s refurbishment began last year and is now complete. The luxurious hall offers glamorous five star accommodation to those looking to stay in Central London. The building offers the usual hotel facilities and also offers a series of apartments that are available to rent for weekends, to target the group traveller market.

A key element of this refurbishment was changing the pipework from copper to plastic so contractors, WaterTight Heating & Plumbing, were tasked with providing plastic pipework to replace the old metal systems, in order to provide a more cost effective and durable solution.

Our Friatherm and SuperFLO pipework systems have been installed to meet the pipework requirements. Both systems were supplied in sizes 25mm – 110mm, with Friatherm being used to supply hot and cold water to the building’s domestic services, whilst Durapipe SuperFLO was used within the air handling system to transport water.

Naran Hirani, the mechanical contractor at WaterTight, commented: “With this refurbishment, we were looking to replace the old copper pipework systems with a reliable and cost effective alternatives and Durapipe UK provided the perfect solution. Both SuperFLO and Friatherm were so easy to install that they have made that aspect of the project much simpler and quicker, generating significant cost savings in the process.”

The purpose designed Friatherm plastic pipework system is completely limescale free and corrosion resistant, offering a 50 year working life. The speed of installation and the fact that no power source or ‘hot works’ are needed, means that Friatherm offers significant installed cost savings over copper and other metal pipework solutions.

In turn, Durapipe SuperFLO is specially designed to cater for chilled or boosted cold water applications within the building services sector and offers increased benefits; its lightweight properties, coupled with a simple solvent weld jointing technique, significantly reduce costs during the installation process, whilst wide operating temperatures see the pipework remain tough and durable down to -40°C.

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