Durapipe PLX fuels Iraq forecourts

Durapipe PLX fuels Iraq forecourts

A major new forecourt construction programme in Iraq has specified Durapipe PLX pipework for the safe transportation of fuel.

The £7 million development will see seven new forecourts constructed across Iraq, commissioned by Heja Oil, an Iraq based oil company, specialising in constructing complete modern forecourts in Iraq and Turkey. Turkish distribution company Interpet, which has years of experience of working with PLX, managed the first forecourt development. It was essential that a high quality pipework system that allowed for quick and easy installation was used and therefore PLX became the natural choice.

This first large forecourt is based in the northern area of the country and consists of 20 fuel pumps that will be used to supply fuel to a variety of vehicles. Given the size of this development, it was crucial that the pipework selected was easy to use and to install, as well as offering high performance capabilities. Meeting all these requirements, Durapipe PLX pipework was specified.

The large installation consists of 1800m of Durapipe PLX secondary contained close-fit pipework coils, in sizes 50mm # 63mm, being used to transport fuel in a loop from the underground storage tank to the dispensing pumps.

Durapipe PLX is manufactured in a robust Polyethylene material, which provides exceptional resistance to rapid crack propagation and long term stress cracking. A visible Polyamide liner allows increased resistance to all types of fuel blends, ensuring there is no permeation of fuel through to the atmosphere showing itself to be highly effective in the transportation of fuel above and below ground.

Tuten Aluc, business developer for Interpet, who specified the Durapipe PLX pipework, comments: “We were particularly impressed with how quick and straightforward the installation of the pipework was, which is not often something that can be said about pipework systems. The product was of the highest quality and as a result we are installing it within the six other forecourts we are currently constructing”.

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