World's largest GTL plant relies upon Durapipe

World's largest GTL plant relies upon Durapipe

Durapipe Corzan PVC-C pipework and actuated ball valves have been installed in the electro chlorination plant for the world’s largest GTL plant in Qatar.

The electro chlorination plant within the Pearl GTL Project in Qatar converts artificial seawater into Sodium Hypochlorite, to sterilise the system and prevent biological growth in the array of water systems within the plant.

Durapipe’s products were specified and installed by the leading designer and manufacturer of electro chlorination systems, Cumberland Electrochemical Ltd. The pipework, in sizes up to 63mm, has been installed in the cooling tower circuits, potable water and service water circuits and effluent treatment plants to keep all systems sterilised and working efficiently.

Global Sales Director of Cumberland Electrochemical, Thomas Huane, explained that Durapipe products were used for this project because of their longstanding reputation for high performance, durability and flexibility – which served to fully satisfy the demands of the electro chlorination plant design:

“The Pearl GTL project is at the cutting edge of oil and gas technology and involves very detailed engineering requirements to fit the plant into the required package area,” he explains. “The Durapipe Corzan range provides a reliable, chemically resistant PVC-C piping system and this, coupled with Durapipe’s longstanding reputation for quality and service, meant it was the obvious choice for this high profile project.”

Corzan CPVC’s highly corrosion-resistant material needs little maintenance compared to metal-based systems and also requires less energy to produce than other materials. It is this, combined with its lightweight properties and easy jointing techniques, that sees it offer considerable time and cost savings.

When fully complete, Pearl GTL will be the world’s largest plant, converting natural gas into 140,000 barrels per day of clean-burning liquid transport fuel and other products. The project will also produce 120,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day of natural gas liquids and ethane.

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