Durapipe SuperFLO for Computer Data Centre

Durapipe SuperFLO for Computer Data Centre

Durapipe SuperFLO, the specialist plastic pipework system for chilled water distribution, has been specified for the renovation of a data centre owned by ATOS Origin.

Consultant, CW Partnership specified over 500 metres of pipework (75mm to 315mm), as well as manual valves, as part of the chilled water application system in the building. Durapipe SuperFLO is ideal to carry cold water because it can sustain temperatures as low as -40°c without becoming brittle. Its durability is also reflected in its corrosion resistant properties.

Due to the large amount of heat generated by the computer systems it houses, the SuperFLO pipework system helps to keep the data centre building cool. Andy Coles, CW Partnership, said: “We often specify Durapipe products because we know they are reliable and easy to install. The pipes are lightweight, making them easy to handle, and the process doesn’t require any hot works, which helps save a lot of time and reduces safety worries on site.

“In addition, Durapipe SuperFLO is limescale resistant and ductile at very low temperatures, which are important factors to consider for a system that will be carrying cold water constantly.”

Mitchell Holmes, our Marketing Manager, said: “With a 50 year design life, and the installation benefits of the pipework, Durapipe SuperFLO provides a complete package for chilled and cold water applications.”

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