Durapipe ABS - Salt of the earth!

Durapipe ABS - Salt of the earth!

Durapipe ABS is helping supply fresh water to people across the globe as part of Salt Separation Services’ specialist machinery.

Salt Separation Services specifies Durapipe ABS pipework, as well as manual and actuated valves for all of its plastic piping needs, which include carrying seawater, fresh water and cleaning water within its systems.

The company builds machinery that turns sea and brackish water into fresh water. The decontamination process is called reverse osmosis - high pressure forces the liquid through a membrane which separates it into fresh water, leaving salt and other unwanted particles behind.

The company makes bespoke systems to be used in a range of situations and for a variety of clients, from Royal Navy vessels, to oil rigs, to cruise ships. The company recently built two units to supply 120,000 litres of fresh water every day for Ascension Island in the South Atlantic.

However, no two plants are the same, which makes Durapipe ABS the perfect pipework solution. The product can be built to fit in tight spaces such as cruise ship engine rooms, used to move water for operations on Royal Navy Vessels, or within completely self contained units.

George Howarth, Production Manager, Salt Separation Services, said: “Durapipe ABS is ideal for our plants because of its wide temperature range. Depending on the area, the temperature of seawater can fluctuate from 0°C to 45°C, while the ambient temperature in cruise ship engine rooms can reach 50°C, so it is vital we know that the pipework can endure these variations and continue to function. It also has to carry de-mineralised water, which quickly corrodes steel pipes, so the corrosion resistance of Durapipe ABS is another important feature for us.

“The additional support and service that Durapipe provide is excellent and the recent introduction of 3m pipe lengths is a massive plus for us as a company. Less storage space is required and the shorter length reduces time spent installing the pipework system in tight locations where working space can be limited.”

Mitchell Holmes, our Marketing Manager, said: “We are delighted to form this partnership with Salt Separation Services. They provide units to a range of clients who have diverse needs, so specifying Durapipe ABS for their machinery is testament to the quality and versatility of our product. The pipework is being used to carry different types of water at varying temperatures and in a multitude of situations.”

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