Durapipe PLX sails into China

Durapipe PLX sails into China

Durapipe is going for gold in China after more than 2000 metres of fuel pipesystem Durapipe PL-X was installed as part of the construction of the Olympic Qingdao International Sailing Centre. Located in the Shandong province, Qingdao City is the venue for all of the sailing events at the forthcoming 2008 Olympic Games.

Our innovative Durapipe PL-X product has been installed in the new service station which will refuel the sailing competitors’ boats as they compete for gold at next year’s Olympics. The underground pipework system starts at the filling station for cars, where there are nine dispensers, and finishes at the harbour wall for boats, where there are a further three.

Durapipe PL-X is a fusion welded composite plastic pipe system specially designed to convey fuels in service station applications, while satisfying the environmental concerns from the corrosion of steel pipes and the associated risk of pollution.

Despite some strong competition, Durapipe worked in conjunction with GPS China to be first past the finishing line to win the prestigious project via the public tender process.

Sailing events for the 29th Olympic Games begin in August 2008. The Qingdao International Sailing Centre is located on the old site of the Beihai shipyard by Qingdao’s Fushan Bay in China’s Shangdong Province. The Centre will cover a total area of 45 hectares, two thirds of which will be used by the competitions.

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