Alternative valve connections

Our industrial brand manager, Rich Pedley, outlines the alternative valve end connection options that we can offer to allow effective connections to be made to new and existing pipework.

The truth about valves

Geoff Rogers, our valves manager, answers the most frequently asked questions regarding valves in industrial applications.

Valves go silicone free

Continuing to expand our valve offering, we are now providing a range of silicone-free valves, specifically developed for use in paint and ink applications in industrial markets.

Service with a smile!

Our valve and flow control department is celebrating a record year; department manager Geoff Rogers discusses the secret to its success.

Continuing valve innovation

We are continuing to drive innovation within the valve market with the launch of a new dual action valve, offering more flexibility to contractors, consultants and end users.

Durapipe actuation goes wireless

We are excited to launch an innovative Bluetooth powered valve actuator, allowing users to operate actuated valves remotely using any compatible Bluetooth device.

Durapipe launches Dialock Actuation

Due to the popularity of our newly launched Dialock® diaphragm valve, we have launched a range of actuation options to meet the increasing demand for automated processes within the industrial services industry.

New Dialock Valve launched

We are excited to launch the most technologically advanced diaphragm valve available on the market, offering genuine innovation to the industrial services sector.

New Variable Area Flowmeter range is launched

We are pleased to report the launch of a new Variable Area Flowmeter range to offer increased flexibility to consultants, contractors and plant managers looking to specify an effective solution for monitoring flow rates.

NEW VKR metering ball valve is launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new valve. The new VKR metering ball valve, offers the most linear control of flow of liquids on the market.

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