Approvals: A risky business

With the emphasis switching to whole-life costs in the water treatment sector, our industrial brand manager discusses the importance of installing approved systems.

The truth about valves

Geoff Rogers, our valves manager, answers the most frequently asked questions regarding valves in industrial applications.

Service with a smile!

Our valve and flow control department is celebrating a record year; department manager Geoff Rogers discusses the secret to its success.

Water quality: Are your pipes safe?

Our building services brand manager, Des Dolan, discusses why the design and installation of pipe systems needs including within water quality strategies.

Chemical Crossroads

Our company chemist, David Halley, discusses the most appropriate plastic pipework systems for conveying a variety of chemicals.

Sustainability integral to pipework specifications

Our latest research with building services contractors and consultants has revealed that sustainability has now become integral to every construction project in the UK.

The rise of secondary refrigeration

Our industrial brand manager, Rich Pedley, discusses the benefits that secondary refrigeration systems can offer.

Energy efficient pipes

Des Dolan, our building services brand manager, discusses the improved pump efficiencies that are possible with plastic pipework systems

Designing for Thermal Movement

Our building services brand manager, Des Dolan, discusses the options available for catering for thermal movement in plastic pipes

Specialist pipework for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

David Naylor, our PLX Brand Manager discusses the dangers that can come with the storage and transfer of Diesel Exhaust Fluid for bulk refuelling.

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