The pipework requirements of the water and waste treatment industry can be complex and diverse, whether it be for the transfer of potable water, waste water, reverse osmosis systems, slurries, ultra pure water or effluent treatment, our wide range of products are ideally suited to fulfill these needs.

Our high quality, fully matched plastic systems of pipes, fittings, valves and flow monitoring products, are the perfect pipework choice for numerous water processing applications.

Our highly engineered products are widely used within aeration facilities across the world, including Durapipe Air-line Xtra, which is our specialist system for air distribution and for use with certain compressor oils.

The piping requirements to transport chemical combinations can be quite complex within a water treatment plant. We have various systems, manufactured from different types of plastic such as PVC-U, Polypropylene & PVC-C that are ideal for these aggressive and often corrosive chemicals.

Where a concoction of different chemical combinations need to be transported across a gantry or overhead, it is important to consider a dual contained pipework system. Durapipe Guardian is a specialist dual contained PVC-U system that is purpose designed to carry such fluids.

Our products meet the highest level of international standards and approvals including the appropriate drinking water standards. In particular, Durapipe ABS is the commonly used system for the mass movement of contaminated water and sewage. Durapipe ABS is available with a full range of pipes, fittings and valves up to a large diameter of 315mm/12”.

Our Durapipe PVC-U & ABS ranges meet the criteria set out as part of Regulation 31 and are listed in the ‘List of Approved Products’ published by the DWI. This is the minimum requirement for carrying drinking water. Furthermore, both ranges are WRAS approved.

Durapipe UK offer a full range of manual and actuated valve options across a suite of different valve types such as ball, butterfly and diaphragm that are fully approved and tested for various flow control solutions. Furthermore, our range of technically advanced flow meters and flow measurement and monitoring products have been widely used where accuracy is of upmost importance.

Durapipe PLX is a market leading specialist pipework system for the conveyance of fuel. PLX can be used to safely transport fuel from storage tanks to generators for emergency or uninterrupted (UPS) power supply applications. The pipe system ensures a continuous flow of fuel to the back-up generator which is imperative to the pumping station process within a water and waste water treatment plant.