Plastic pipework systems are ideal for the multiple requirements of power generation and power supply facilities. Power plants rely totally upon having a dependable pipework supply and usually insist upon a piping system that exceeds the highest standards.

Durapipe products are perfect for this as they are manufactured to the highest level and we have a long history of supplying to this sector. Our suite of products have been widely used for both fuel supply as well as the various fluid distribution requirements.

Durapipe plastic systems are perfect for desalination or the production of drinking water via reverse osmosis. We have various examples where our pipework, valves and flow monitoring products have been used for such applications.

We offer a full range of manual and actuated valve options across a suite of different valve types such as ball, butterfly and diaphragm that are fully approved and tested for various flow control solutions. Furthermore, our range of technically advanced flow meters and flow measurement and monitoring products have been widely used where accuracy is of upmost importance.

Durapipe PLX is a market leading specialist pipework system for the conveyance of fuel. PLX can be used to safely transport fuel from storage tanks to generators for emergency or uninterrupted (UPS) power supply applications. The pipe system ensures a continuous flow of fuel to the back-up generator which is imperative to a building such as a power station.

Our large diameter Polypropylene system up to 400mm is ideally suited for the transfer of oils and the vacuum drainage process within a busy power generation facility. The pipework would commonly be used to drain oil from a transformer in the event of a failure.

Durapipe ABS is ideal for transporting large volumes of boosted cold water at extremely low temperatures. Available in sizes up to 315mm, the ABS system operates at temperatures as low as -40°C.

The piping requirements to transport chemical combinations can be quite complex within a power generation facility. We have various systems, manufactured from different types of plastic such as PVC-U, Polypropylene & PVC-C that are ideal for these chemicals.

Where a concoction of aggressive chemicals need to be transported across a gantry or overhead, it is important to consider a dual contained pipework system. Durapipe Guardian is a specialist dual contained PVC-U system that is purpose designed to carry such fluids.

PVC-C pipework systems are ideal for both hot and cold water distribution. Being lightweight and easy to install, PVC-C is perfect for the hot & cold water services throughout an office.