The pipework requirements of the marine and ship building industry can be complex and diverse, with the prevention of corrosion a high priority. Our wide range of products are ideally suited to fulfill these needs.

Our high quality, fully matched plastic systems of pipes, fittings and valves, are the perfect pipework choice for the different water systems on any floating vessel.

Durapipe ABS is available with a full range of pipes, fittings and valves up to a large diameter of 315mm/12”. Ideal for both fresh and salt water, ABS is perfect for a ship’s ballast system.

Plastic systems are the perfect and reliable choice for the prefabricated pipework requirements of accommodation modules. These modules would be used on a offshore platform for the supply of drinking water as well as hot and cold water services.

Products perfect for the production of drinking water while out at sea including pipework, valves and flow monitoring, all of which meet the highest standards and approvals.

Lightweight and easy to install, Durapipe UK has a number of C-PVC based pipework systems that are purposely designed for both hot and cold water distribution.

Vulcathene specialist flame retardent drainage, is a fully welded electrofusion jointed pipework system that is perfect for the secure collection and containment of all types of drainage/waste. Durapipe ABS can be used for drainage under vacuum.

Durapipe ABS has a wide temperature range & can operate at temperatures as low as -40°C and is ideal for ice making or chilled storage applications.

The low temperature and corrosion resistant properties, coupled with a 10-bar pressure rating, make Durapipe ABS the ideal pipework material for the mechanical cooling of propulsion pods.

Durapipe PLX Secondary Contained pipework provides a secure environment for bulk transfer of marine fuels to storage tanks, during vessel refuelling, bunkering and bilge water pumping operations.

Designed to operate at temperatures as low as -40°C and highly impact resistant, Durapipe ABS is ideal for chilled water/air conditioning applications.

Perfect for swimming pools and spa baths. Durapipe UK products are hygienic and limescale free, perfect for dosing, analysis and circulation water.