Whenever there is a requirement for the processing of chemicals or hazardous substances, it is imperative that a reliable pipework system is used and installed. It is critical that a tried, tested and fully approved piping material that has been specifically developed for this particular application is selected. By their very nature, industrial chemical processing plants place big demands on the pipework systems that are used and installers need to be assured that corrosion will not become a problem.

Durapipe industrial products, such as our specialist Polypropylene, PVC-U and PVC-C systems are an ideal solution for this application area as they have been used with chemical processing environments.

Where a plant has an on-site water treatment facility, our pipework systems are ideal for this application as they carry the highest levels of approvals. They are the perfect choice for all aspects of water treatment due to their excellent chemical resistance and low maintenance requirements.

Durapipe plastic systems are perfectly suited for the pipework requirements of a busy office environment. Whether it be for air conditioning or for the transfer of hot & cold water our ABS or PVC-C products are ideal for this application.

Where hazardous or corrosive chemicals need to be transported across a gantry or overhead, it is important to consider a dual contained pipework system. Durapipe Guardian is a specialist dual contained PVC-U system that is purpose designed to carry such fluids across a road or a public space

Plastic piping materials such as Polypropylene or PVC-C are ideally suited for the conveyance of combinations of aggressive chemicals at elevated temperatures of up to 100°C. Making these specialist systems perfect for a variety of applications within a chemical plant.

The piping requirements to transport chemical combinations can be quite complex within a factory particularly for chemical dosing applications. We have various systems, manufactured from different types of plastic such as PVC-U, Polypropylene & PVC-C that are ideal for these chemicals.

We offer a full range of manual and actuated valve options across a suite of different valve types such as ball,butterfly and diaphragm. Our range of actuated valves and flow control solutions allow any volume of chemical fluids to be accurately dosed whether it be into large volume tankers or smaller storage drums.