Plastic pipework systems are ideal for the various liquid and gas transportation requirements of a modern-day Anaerobic Digestion plant.

The diverse nature of plastic piping and their capability to be able to convey different fluids for different applications makes then an ideal choice for anyone installing pipework systems for a processing anaerobic digestion facility.

Vulcathene specialist laboratory drainage has been specified and installed in the laboratories of schools, colleges and universities for over 50 years. Available in two easy jointing options, Vulcathene is fully BBA approved and is the market leading product for the safe drainage of chemical combinations from school science laboratories.

Either Durapipe ABS or PVC-U would be ideal for use in this application. If an unknown combination of different chemicals is being conveyed, PVC-U is the perfect choice, whereas ABS would provide ductility and impact resistance. Both systems have been used extensively for transporting mixed waste streams around an anaerobic digestion site.

We offer a full range of manual and actuated valve options across a suite of different valve types such as ball, butterfly and diaphragm that are fully approved and tested for various flow control solutions. Furthermore, our range of technically advanced flow meters and flow measurement and monitoring products have been widely used where accuracy is of upmost importance.

Durapipe PVC-U is perfectly suited for use within a scrubber system. Due to its excellent general chemical resistance properties it can easily transport either acids or alkalis under pressure to remove impurities from the methane gas that has been generated by the digester. The methane can then be processed more effectively within next stage of the process.

The piping requirements to transport chemical combinations can be quite complex within a power generation facility. We have various systems, manufactured from different types of plastic such as PVC-U, Polypropylene & PVC-C that are ideal for these chemicals.

Durapipe PLX is a market leading specialist pipework system for the conveyance of fuel. PLX can be used to safely transport fuel from storage tanks to generators for emergency or uninterrupted (UPS) power supply applications. The pipe system ensures a continuous flow of fuel to the back-up generator which is imperative to the pumping station process within a water and waste water treatment plant.