The pipework requirements of modern hospitals and healthcare buildings can be complex and diverse with many cost, performance and installation factors to consider.

Whether it be for the conveyance of hot and cold water for patient wards, chemical drainage from a laboratory, fuel supply to a back-up generator, or chilled water for climate cooling in a waiting room, our products are ideally suited to fulfil these needs. Our high quality, fully matched plastic systems of pipes, fittings and valves are the perfect choice for different pipework requirements of modern hospital buildings.

Reliable central heating is imperative throughout modern-day hospitals and Durapipe HTA provides a dependable solution that could be installed quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, Durapipe HTA offers a design life of up to 50 years and remains limescale and corrosion free throughout the life of the system.

In buildings such as hospitals where any loss of power could be catastrophic, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is imperative. Durapipe PLX above & below ground piping is perfect for supplying fuel to a generator, which will in turn power UPS systems.

Vulcathene specialist chemical drainage has been specified and installed in the laboratories of hospitals and healthcare research buildings for over 50 years. Available in two easy jointing options, Vulcathene is fully BBA approved and is the market leading product for the safe drainage of dangerous chemical combinations from laboratories.

Friaphon sound reducing drainage is purpose-designed for acoustic soil and rainwater. In areas such as an operating theatre where excess noise would be an issue, Friaphon offers excellent sound insulation when compared to cast iron or ordinary lagged plastic drainage systems.

Designed to operate at temperatures as low as -40°C and highly impact resistant, Durapipe SuperFLO is ideal for chilled water or air conditioning applications.

Durapipe HTA is ideal for both hot and cold water distribution. Being lightweight and easy to install it is perfect for the hot & cold water services throughout healthcare premises.

Durapipe PLX is a market leading specialist pipework system for the conveyance of fuel. PLX can be used to safely transport fuel from storage tanks to generators for emergency power supply applications. The pipe system ensures a continuous flow of fuel to the back-up generator which is imperative to a building such as a hospital.